Six Reasons To Start Pole Dancing

Six Reasons To Start Pole Dancing

Pole will keep you fit.

There’s no finer exercise than pole dancing, it has been scientifically proven that pole dancing can burn more calories in women than swimming or even weight lifting.

It’s good for your mind and soul.

Experienced pole dancers will agree there’s nothing quite like the sheer exhilaration of manoeuvring around a pole. The experience of using all of your energy and muscles to hang on to a pole with various parts of your own body is incredibly meditational. Very often, people who are suffering with stress and anxiety are informally prescribed a series of pole dancing lessons and they will get a bigger buzz to the self-esteem and health than any other sport in the UK.

You meet new people.

Don’t just take our word for it, if you head down to your local pole dance club you’ll find the spirit of camaraderie, friendship and team spirit is unlike any other sport or hobby. No other community is as supportive or helpful as the pole dancers of the clubs and associations in the UK. We’re reliably informed by many student unions, for example, that pole dancing clubs are the most popular ways for female students to make new friends and lifelong relationships at university.  Whatever your ability you’ll be welcomed with open arms.

You learn a rare skill.

Make no mistake, most people don’t or can’t pole dance, it’s only a rare few that even try it. Once you belong to a niche that’s so small you’ll quickly realise that your skill is rare and in strong demand. People are genuinely impressed when they hear that you’re a pole dancer. Not only is it the physical strength that you need but also the mental and psychological strength to ensuring that your hobby is correctly represented and not sneered at by uninformed people.

It gives you confidence.

Few sports can give you the same level of confidence as pole dancing, there’s something about the sport that means there is no hiding place for people. Soon after pole dancing you’ll become more graceful and stronger to perform more complex rhythms and movement to various music. How many pole dancers have you met who aren’t confident after a good session on the pole?

And of course you get to wear sexy shoes!

Most people in most walks of life only ever get to wear very boring footwear. If you work in an office or somewhere else the chances are the shoes that you’ll be wearing will be pretty dull. Pole dancing shoes are totally game-changing for people who wear them and give a sense of sensuality that you just don’t get with any other footwear. Many people end up wearing their pole dancing shoes out on nights out with friends or nights inside with husbands and boyfriends.

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