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How to Wear Glitter Heels

How to Wear Glitter Heels

Glitter heels have taken the fashion scene by storm. They shine as bright as jewels and add a trendy flavor to even the most casual looks. But if you're not sure how to pull off these adorable shoes, you're not alone.

Luckily, we've got you covered. Read on to learn more about how to make these sparkly heels work with just about any outfit.

Sparkly Heels Make a Statement

So, what's the first rule of crafting the perfect silver or gold glitter heels outfit? You need to realize that sparkling shoes make a HUGE fashion statement. When you're crafting the perfect outfit, one statement is often more than enough.

What does this mean in real practice? When you don glitter heels, know that they're scene stealers. While you want to create a visual impact, dress down the rest of your outfit to avoid a total clobbering.

Stick to monochromatic, minimalistic outfits with sparkling or sequined shoes. That said, these guidelines don't hold true when it comes to your makeup. Think shiny, metallic eyeshadows OR glitter lipstick for an extra pop of fashionability.

What to Wear with Silver Glitter Heels

Silver glitter heels go beautifully with all-white outfits. Think a white lace shirt, blazer, and loose fit pants for chic elegance.

For an edgier look, wear silver sparkly heels with a black shirt and leather mini-skirt. Or, opt for a white and black printed sheath dress.

Want to wear pants instead of a dress? Then, combine a funky tank top with a black blazer and cuffed jeans. You'll effortlessly channel Gwen Stefani, an adorable blend of whimsy and rocker chic.

What's more, it's a great business casual outfit. Depending on your workplace restrictions, this sophisticated look will highlight your personality while appearing neat. It shows that you're a person who colors outside of the lines yet knows how to remain polished and professional.

Or for a young, flirty, feminine look, choose a white sleeveless sweater and a pleated, periwinkle or baby blue skirt. The silver sequined heels add just the right amount of attention-grabbing energy making this a simple, fun outfit.

Sequined Jackets

But what if you've purchased a sequined jacket, too? Does that mean the glittery shoe fun must stop? Not at all!

Pulling off a sequined jacket with glitter heels simply requires toning down the rest of your outfit. For evening, opt for an all-black look.

A fun twist on this style? Pair glittery silver heels or sparkly gold heels with a little black dress and your sequined jacket for instant star appeal. (Of course, be sure to match your jacket's color of sequins to your shoes.)

For daytime, pair mom jeans and a boyfriend tee with the sequined jacket. The jeans and tee will dress down the look while still exuding fashion finesse.

Sequined Tops & Pants

If you've done any clothes shopping lately, then you know that the sparkles don't stop with shoes and jackets. Silver sequined tops are enjoying a huge moment as are silver sequined pants. But how do you make these pieces work with sparkly heels?

To rock a silver sequined top, start with a black shift dress. Over this, layer the silver top and finish the look by sporting a pair of silver sequined heels. The silver-on-silver look of this outfit will set you apart from the crowd.

You'll look elegant and stunning without appearing flashy or over-the-top. Remember, this look should exude fashion confidence without forcing people to shield their eyes with sunglasses. So, think sophisticated, NOT disco-ball gaudy.

What about silver sequined pants? These look fabulous when worn with a silver top, black leather moto jacket, and silver sparkly heels. Just make sure the pants are a skinny cut so that you promote a long, lean line.

Perfecting the Look

As you can see from the suggestions above, glitter heels complement a wide variety of outfits. But there are basic rules that should be heeded in order to make the trend look effortless and natural:

  • stick with monochrome neutral, white, and black outfits
  • pastel outfits work well with these shoes, too
  • think of glitter heels like jewelry and match them to outfits accordingly
  • tone down ALL other accessories when wearing glitter heels
  • when it comes to purses, think small clutches or delicate bags in neutral colors or a mirrored finish
  • denim is your friend when it comes to creating a stunning sparkly heel look

If you follow these guidelines, you're guaranteed to be the belle of the ball in your dazzling shoes. You'll dress on-trend without looking like you've tried. These tips will endow you with the nonchalant perfection of a discerning fashionista.

Glitter Heels Are Having a Moment

According to Vogue, "[W]e've spotted a plethora of sparkling shoes twinkling, gleaming and glinting down... the runways. From Coach's glittering boots to Jeremy Scott's bedazzled Doc Martins, your footwear is begging to be the shining beacon of your outfit."

But dressing around show-stopping shoes can feel intimidating to some. Fortunately, with the tips above, you'll make the perfect statement without looking like an extra in Saturday Night Fever.

So, get ready to be a fashion beacon by investing in one, two, or three pairs of quality glittering footwear. You'll be amazed by the wide range of looks that you can create with them. And you'll make a fashion statement that's sophisticated, sexy, and unforgettable.

Find the Perfect Footwear for Your Look

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