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9 Style Tips For Creating a Rocker-Inspired Wardrobe with Attitude

9 Style Tips For Creating a Rocker-Inspired Wardrobe with Attitude

Whether you ever dreamed of stepping on stage, there's something undeniably badass about a girl who can strut her stuff in rocker-chic style.

Maybe you drool over Alison Mosshart's rock'n'roll vamp, or maybe you steal from the ever-iconic David Bowie.

Either way, you need a few staples. Here are nine style tips for a killer rocker-inspired wardrobe.

1. Work Your Skinny Jeans

First, the basics. You can't build a rocker wardrobe without a supply of black skinny jeans.

Whether you prefer distressed, mineral-washed, or plain, skinny jeans are the building blocks of any great rocker look.

To make the most of your skinny jeans, you should have a few go-to options. You should have one pair of basic black jeans, a pair of solid dark wash jeans, a distressed pair, and if you want to plan for summer, a white pair.

Once you pick your jeans, you can build any rocker outfit from there.

For example, basic black skinny jeans can work well with a graphic t-shirt and leather jacket for a laid-back look, or you can pair them with an oversized blouse and boots for something more upscale.

2. The Classic Band T-Shirt

On the note of graphic t-shirts, no self-respecting rocker girl's closet is complete without an arsenal of band t-shirts.

You can find them almost anywhere. There are great inexpensive places to pick up shirts, like Target, Hot Topic, Forever 21, or Urban Outfitters.

If you want something more authentic, you can start shopping in vintage stores, flea markets--even Goodwill or Salvation Army. You never know when you might come across a great shirt.

Of course, nothing beats the real thing you can get at a concert merch booth.

3. Killer Black Boots

You know that any rock'n'roll woman worth her salt has at least one killer pair of boots.

Grunge looks (a la Courtney Love) demand Doc Martens or a versatile pair of combat boots. Like skinny jeans, these simple boots can work well with most other rocker staples.

If you want to give your rocker wardrobe a modern edge, you can invest in spiky boots, studded boots, or boots that use buckles and chains.

Ankle boots are a good choice for an outfit that transitions well from work to a night out. They make a punchy statement, whether you're walking in New York or dancing with friends.

4. Weather Leather

Few materials are quite as ubiquitous in rock'n'roll as leather.

It could be leather leggings, fitted leather pants, a sleek leather skirt, a jacket you never leave home without, or your favorite pair of stomping boots. If you need a rockstar edge, leather is always a good choice.

The key is to balance your leather with the right embellishments and form-fitting pieces with looser items.

So if you're wearing plain leather leggings, wear studded boots with them. Or, if you're wearing a statement leather dress, let your accessories be backup singers.

5. Rock Your Plaid

The rock world owes many things to Kurt Cobain, Courtney Love, and the grunge movement. One of them is plaid.

Seriously, if you don't own any plaid yet (preferably in flannel) stop what you're doing and go pick one up.

You can pair plaid with your band t-shirt and jeans for a classic, comfy rock outfit, or you can glam it up with a great jacket or a pair of embellished boots.

That said, plaid flannel is heavy, so it's better suited to winter (great news: time to break out your beanie). If you want to wear makeup with your concert shirt and flannel, be careful not to go overboard--a nice dark lipstick and neutral eyes will do well here.

6. The Motorcycle Jacket

If you're buying leather, you can't leave a great motorcycle jacket behind, even if you don't yet own a motorcycle.

This is perhaps your greatest rock weapon. A great leather moto jacket can be paired with everything. Seriously--everything.

A flowy bohemian dress. A concert shirt and jeans. Your favorite plaid flannel. A pair of leather leggings. Even your best rockstar dress.

A moto jacket is one of the best investments you can make for your rocker chic look. Black is always classic, but don't be afraid to venture into other colors--just make sure you don't go overboard.

7. Knock-Em-Dead Dress

There's an LBD (little black dress), and then there's an LGD (little grunge dress).

You can take a page out of Courtney Love's book (and borrow liberally from the 90s). Your best choices here are skater cuts, lace or velvet slip dresses, or dark florals.

What kind of look you want will change the dress you go for. If you want a boho-rock look, go for a flowy floral with a great jacket and lipstick. If you want rocker-glam, a classic black dress has your name all over it.

But sometimes, you find a dress that's enough of a statement on its own, like a leather dress with studs and safety pins.

8. Staple Shirts

We already talked about band shirts, but we should spend a moment on your ensemble of basic shirts.

Go-to basic shirts are like a little black dress or black skinny jeans--they're neutral, they're classic, and they go with everything. Which is why you should keep a decent supply on hand.

A well-made black t-shirt is always a good investment, as is a basic white blouse or other neutral-colored, unobtrusive shirts. These are exactly the kind of shirts you want to reach for when you want your jacket, skirt, or accessories to make the statement.

9. Rockstar Makeup

Finally, no rocker chick is complete without great makeup.

The key to rocker chic makeup is not to look like you're trying too hard, regardless of what specific style you're going for.

Cat-eye eyeliner, for example, works well with many a dress or leather jacket, as does a dark lipstick when properly balanced with a flowy dress or neutral blouse.

While you're shopping for makeup, don't neglect to buy neutral palettes. You can use the neutral tones during the day and add on smoky eye later, or use them as a counterpoint to statement lipstick.

Boots for a Rocker-Inspired Wardrobe

If you want to rock, build your rocker-inspired wardrobe from the ground up. It all starts with a great pair of shoes.

We offer a variety of boots for any look, from knee-high to thigh-length. The budget-conscious rocker can also check out our clearance section.

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