10 Fun Ways to Wear Ankle Boots with Any Outfit

10 Fun Ways to Wear Ankle Boots with Any Outfit

Collectively, women spend up to $750 billion on clothes every year.

However, you don't need to buy new clothes to create different looks. You just need some fashion staples in your wardrobe. This should include a pair of ankle boots.

These boots can be incredibly versatile. They can be dressed up in lots of different ways to create a great outfit, whatever the reason or season.

In this post, we'll show you how.

How to Wear Ankle Boots

Need some fashion inspiration? Scroll down for ten hot looks you can create with ankle boots.

1. Tuck Skinny Jeans Inside

Skinny jeans and ankle boots are a perfect match.

Since they're fitted all the way down the leg, they'll tuck perfectly into the top of your boots with no effort at all.

The combination also helps to make your legs look slimmer than usual!

2. Rolled or Cuffed Jeans

You're not just limited to skinny jeans. Other types of fit will work, too.

Whether you prefer bootcut, boyfriend, low-rise or high-waisted, you can make them work with ankle boots. If they're cuffed, they'll sit comfortably above the top of the boots, creating some space to show your ankles.

A cuff of about 2-3 inches in length is the most flattering, as it highlights the skinny area at the bottom of your legs.

If your jeans aren't cuffed, it's fine. You can simply roll the hems up yourself to make them work.

3. Coloured Leggings

Leggings can add great variety to your outfit.

While a black pair may be your go-to look, try something different by choosing a coloured pair instead.

Maroon leggings will look great with brown or tan boots. Play around with colour combinations and see what works for you.

If you're feeling confident, you could even try some patterned leggings.

4. A Summer Dress

You might think that summer dresses only work with sandals, heels or flip-flops. However, they can look great with the right pair of ankle boots, too.

Choose flat, round-toed boots for a comfortable and functional style, or high-heeled ones to dress up your outfit.

Mid-length dresses are an excellent choice. Maxi dresses are trickier to pull off with boots. If you have a long dress with a slit down the side, try that. It will show off your shoes without making your legs look short.

Throw on a jacket to really finish the look off.

5. Cut-Off Denim Shorts

Denim shorts and ankle boots make a really cute look.

The shorts at the top of the thigh and chunky boots at the bottom leave a long space for you to show off your shapely legs. They also balance your legs out nicely, making them look longer and slimmer.

It doesn't have to be summer for you to pull this look off. When the weather's hot, go for bare legs. If it's cold, add leggings or tights underneath. That way, you can still have your legs out and stay warm.

6. An Above-the-Knee Skirt

If you're looking to wear a skirt with your booties, it's best to go for the above-the-knee variety. They're best for showing off your shoes. Longer, flowing skirts will just obscure them.

Pencil skirts, A-line skirts, skater skirts and mini skirts all work well with ankle boots. The choice is yours!

The more fitted your skirt is, the more neutral your boots should be. Otherwise, your outfit will feel unbalanced and bottom-heavy.

7. Socks

Socks and boots are on trend right now.

It seems an unlikely combination, as you'd expect the extra layers to be bulky, mismatched and unflattering. However, it works.

Try wearing your ankle boots with a pair of long socks and see how this trend works for you. It's best if you choose a neutral-coloured sock, such as beige or grey. Otherwise, they'll stand out a little too much.

Bold colours may also be unflattering for your skin tone and make your legs look short. It's best to keep this look simple and subtle.

You don't have to use this look with bare legs, though. If you want, you can layer your socks over leggings or tights, too.

sock-boot combination took the fashion world by storm last year.

Their mix of catwalk and leisure, combined with supreme comfort, was an unexpected hit. If you want to take your look a step further, you could get yourself a pair of these.

8. A Monochromatic Look

Not sure what to pair your black ankle boots with? Try black tights, along with a black skirt.

This might sound a little too much, but trust us, it works.

A monochrome look will give your legs an elongated appearance, which is incredibly flattering. If styling your whole outfit in the same colour doesn't feel right, just do it from the waist down.

Create some separation by using a patterned shirt or blouse. This will add a splash of colour to make your outfit more interesting, while still maintaining that long-legged look.

9. Cardigans or Kimonos

Kimonos and cardigans can be perfect partners for boots. They add an extra layer to the outfit, which can ultimately change your look.

A light kimono will keep you looking fresh and summery. If you want a more formal, business-appropriate outfit, throw on a blazer instead.

Leather jackets can work, too. Just make sure you get your colour scheme right. Clashing colours could completely ruin your outfit, so choose tones and hues that match.

10. Accessories

When you feel like your outfit needs a little extra something, accessories are all you need. They can add the finishing touches to make your whole look pop.

If you're into jewellery, try a chunky statement necklace. If that's too much, maybe a simple, long necklace draped over the top is better. Belts, bags, and bangles are all great choices, too.

If all else fails, try a scarf.

Just make sure you don't go overboard. Too many accessories in one outfit will make you look cluttered.

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